Getting There!

Hey everyone,
Things are moving right along with preperation for Turkey. So far I have raised over $2,000 and I only have about $600-$700 left to raise! God is really providing in this situation. I thank you all again for your support. Saturday May 13 we will be having a huge garage/yard sale to hopefully put me over the top on my money. It will be at my grandma and grandpa's house which is located at 35322 Bryant Ct. in Yucaipa. If anyone has anything they want to get rid of that they want to donate to the sale please let me know. I just got some more preperation emails from the people that will be heading up our trip. It seems that we will only be able to send one email had have one phone call a week. Also, we will not be able to read any personal emails during the five weeks. I think that I will just use this blog as my one email a week because I will be able to post pictures and stuff. Also anyone can view it and if you have a membership which is free you can post comments. I hope this works out. Thank you all again for your prayers.I love you all.