American Saturday Night

As much as I love to do this, I am always unsure about the readership that these cd reviews accumulate. Oh well, its not about the response its about the release...

The other day I decided to go buck wild on iTunes, something that hasn't happened in a while and it was much needed. I picked up the first Coldplay album, which I misplaced a couple of years ago, for only $7. I also grabbed the new Mat Kearney and a few other singles.

However, the reason we are here is because of my unrelenting urge to always buy a Brad Paisley record. A few have been bad, most have been bearable and one has just been just plain interesting. So when I started listening to American Saturday Night I was a bit skeptical, and sure enough the opening track "American Saturday Night" sounded much like many Brad Paisley tunes I had heard in the past such as "The World." But as the cd progressed I was very much pleased. Of course, the two new singles off the album "Welcome to the Future," a song where Brad doesn't shy away from using his lyrical creativity as much as his guitar virtuosity, and "Then," the song where every man in America kicks himself for not writing it to his loved one first, are both very "cookie-cutter" Brad Paisley type tunes.

However, it is the b-sides (as usual) that really make this album leap past Brad's last few records. I am particularly partial to the slower tunes such as "She's Her Own Woman," a bluesy/soulful ode to his independent girl, "Oh yeah, Your Gone," a perfect mix of cute and clever and "I Hope That's Me" which is my vote for next single.

Brad must include tracks that make us giggle and these include "Catch all The Fish" and "The Pants", which I officially dedicate to me brother-in-law and "You do the Math." I don't thing Brad would be Brad if he didn't have songs like these.

I have often picked on Brad for picking on his guitar too often. However, on this album you can really tell he tries to break out of his style and explore new techniques, (or just showcase them) while still being himself. We all know that he can play the hell out of his Tele, as we heard on the previous, mostly instrumental album, Play, but he certainly puts himself at the top of list of Nashville guitarists with this one.

And can I just say thank God we don't have any William Shatner or Little Jimmy Dickens tracks on this one! I mean, they are funny guys but it was getting a little old.

With American Saturday Night I am entertained and impressed for the whole album, start to finish. I recommend it.



The longer I sit still,
The more I feel the universe moving,
And conspiring
To my favor.



A few weeks ago I was standing on the porch of a country club in Marietta, Georgia overlooking a golf course with a beautiful sunset.

In that moment I was happy...