This is my next guitar.

It is a cheap Epiphone Les Paul Jr. but the paint makes it.

Only $99 on GuitarCenter.com for all of those thinking of Christmas ideas. :)

I am off to my birthplace, Monrovia, to forget about this life for a while and all of the stuff that comes along with it.

Take care.


Faith and Basketball

Tonight I decided to spend some of my free time shooting hoops. It is has been a while since I played basketball, a sport that at one point my life literally revolved around. Although I am still better than the average joe, it is obvious that my skills are deteriorating with every passing day. Not because I am getting older, rather because of my lack of practice.

I laughed at a particular moment tonight. I squared my shoulders to the basket bent my legs and released the ball that floated through the air with a perfect arch only to hear a loud, "CLANK."


I thought it was interesting how a shot could feel so perfect and yet look so bad.

I though back to some of the decisions in my life; One's that happened fifteen months ago, or one month ago and how they felt so right at the time. It was only until after the decisions when I looked back and saw what I did wrong, just like with the jump shot. Without practice, spiritually and athletically, one will never know wether what they are doing is right or wrong. If one is not practicing basketball, they will never know whether their jump shot was a good one. And if one doesn't practice his faith, live it out, daily and have an active, vibrant relationship with the living God, he will constantly be guessing about God's direction for their life.