Time for Clinton to Back off?

It was only a couple of months ago when most everyone I talked to loathed the fact of Hillary Clinton possibly being the next president of the United States. With the recent polls, her winning a majority of the primaries and the astonishing turnout for democratic voters as compared to Republican ones, it seemed as if it was a more than a possibility.
But as you know, Barack Obama picked up steam and charged ahead, pulling in front of Hillary in both the pledged delegate count and the popular vote as well as overall states won. And even with Clinton rallying to make Michigan and Florida count for delegates, as well as the Reverend Wright controversy, republicans (and democrats) are breathing a sigh of relief.
Even in the best case scenario, Clinton only has a 5% chance of securing the Democratic nomination...and that is the best case scenario. As long as Barack Obama doesn't have some kind of psychopathic meltdown and the democrats don't shoot themselves in the foot by choosing Hillary as the nominee anyway, it looks as though its going to be John McCain vs. Barack Obama, both considered as liberal as one can get in each of their respective parties.
However, Clinton is not relenting. The past few weeks it seems as though she has been taking the Mike Huckabee strategy of complete obliviousness, pretending that their impending doom is not, in fact, a reality. And it is a fair strategy I must say, you never know what might happen.
But when is it time for Hillary to finally give up? Political strategists, except Clinton supporters, are saying that this ongoing bickering is having some really detrimental affects on the democratic party. 16% of both Clinton and Obama supporters say that if the other gets the nomination, they will stay home and just not vote. This could be the exact thing that John McCain needs to edge out his opponent in the primary election.
It is obvious that Clinton and Obama have many of the same policies, even though they try to contrast each other so much. Either one of them has just as good of a chance as the other against Johnny boy in November, so Hillary just needs to concede for the sake of her party. She needs to help Obama win this election by backing off and letting him unite the party. For the sake of us republicans, we are hoping that this doesn't happen but it is the only obvious path to victory for the dems.
Hillary, they are not going to give you the election in November if Obama still has the popular vote. They might entertain the idea for a second but quickly pass it off in order not to embarrass themselves like they did in 2000. Just go home. You look tired and worn out from faking a smile for so long.



is it bad?

is it bad that i can't grasp life after death?

i mean it is a little more than that. i really can't even believe fully that we have a life after this.

but then again, the thought of life just ending and not going on is just as unbelievable.

i guess i just can't fathom eternity. doesn't make sense to me.

some of us will go on to heaven forever and ever.

some of us will go to hell and suffer and then eventually be extinguished forever and ever.

these are the hardest things to believe about my faith at this moment.



what the...

lately I have been finding myself in many circumstances that propel me to beg the question: "what the hell?" I find myself saying this on many occasions, especially to my creator. however, i must understand that the question, never renders results especially, from the almighty. however, cliche it may be, everything does happen for a reason, this I am sure.

i know there will come a day, perhaps not too far off if things are moving at this pace, that my life will be so dramatically different that I will laugh in pity at my old self for ever begging such a question. those times seem far now but they will come.

a note to those who spur on this question: just know that in your hastiness and confusion that you are causing it to someone else three-fold. I once had to learn this as well. if you ever wonder, or think what might have been or have the desire to do something inappropriate...don't! just don't do it. look forward think about what could be and take care.