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My Guys:
I am so thankful for this small group of guys that I have been blessed with in my small group. We used to have a mixed group that had sometimes over 15 people at a time. Now it is only three or four of us at each group but I can tell you that it is surely amazing what I have been learning from these fine young men. Never have I learned so much and been challenged so much in one two hour meeting. I feel that we are really building a solid community and a group that will surely reflect how God's kingdom should be. I have to admit that they are all extremely funny guys too. My cheeks were hurting from all of the laughter. Thanks Gentlemen.
God, please continue to bless this group.
The Rain:
I was very thankful to look out the window and see rain this morning. Finally, a reason to wear winter clothes! These pics are from Tyler Hoehne's blog: www.tylerhoehne.blogspot.com
World Aids Day:
Please tak a minute to recognize this pandemic that has stricken our culture. So many people die and are affected in some way by this disease every day.



OMG OMG Garth Brooks is coming to play a show at Staples Center. I have to have front row ticktets no matter what!
Garth is the biggest selling artist of all time only second to the Beatles and in my opinion he is the best entertainer that has ever set foot on a stage. Everything I want to be as an artist directly spurs from my years of watching his concerts every every chance I got.
I have to go to this show. My career depends on it. I have only seen Garth once when I was about 14 and this will bring it full circle. I dub it as my last show as a civilian.


Instant Gratification

I was watching a special on CNN about the young voters in our country. When asked a reason why the younger generation has such a problem voting she replied, "I can't make a difference." It immeiately cut away to a shot of Richard Dryfuss and he says, "That's because you are addicted to instant gratification."
How true this actor's words are. Our generation, our culture and sadly even Christianity is addicted to instant gratification. If this decision can't benefit me within the next 24 hours then it is pointless; That is the worldview we have now. How sad.
Much of this problem is due to the technological age and the ability to get things faster and more efficient. But the saddest part of this problem is the fact that I see it in Christians.
One way I see this plagueing Christians is our relationships. American Christians suck at relationships. Plain and simple. We constantly ask ourselves, subconsiously, "What can I get out of this relationship?" rather than, "What can I put in this reationship?" This is the reason I see about 90% of the relaitonshiips in the CBU campus become pitifully superficial and most die wthin months and even weeks. This also affects our relationship with God. My friend Andrew said that this is the main reason for people not praying enough. It is because we aren't patient enough with God, and His plan. We want answers now, Now, NOW and God doesn't work in our timing.
We innately are bad with relaionships and it is something we need to work on desperatley.
Let me know what you think. I will be posting more ways Instant Gratification is affecting our Kingdom.

Artwork above courtesy of Trevor Romain. Check out his blog: http://www.trevorromain.com/blog/


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