An Update From a Nomad...

Next to the term above, I have also been deemed titles such as gypsy, free-spirit and just plain crazy! I don't know why I am so radically different than, not just everybody else in my family, but everybody in this town! I just go where the wind blows and I trust that God is gonna put me on the path that he wants me, as long as I walk through the doors that are open for me.

Anywho, I just got back from Music City a couple of days ago and had a great time working at CMA Fanfair at LP field, as well as the CMT Awards. And, as I could have guessed, being there just made me want to go back. Everything I want out of my music is in that town and it just feels like home to me. Its not a matter of if I am going back, it is when.

Which brings me to the next topic: What is the next move? This is not a pitiful pawn move to distract the other player from what you are really doing. This is a "I'm moving my bishop right in the line of your Queen" type move. Its big...its important. Once again, two roads are placed in front of me, and once again I am faced with the fact that I can't pave a road of my own that splits the two. Its one or the other.

In the meantime I think I am going to create a new blog. I have been dancing around the idea of starting a blog/website that is strictly based on social issues around the world. It is stupefying how little people are informed about the atrocities and injustices that go on all over the world. I don't necessarily consider my self qualified for such an undertaking. A minor in global studies hardly equips me for such a task, but I think with some hard work (and some help from others i.e. Jeff *wink*) that it could turn into something really cool. The most recent push to start this project came from an email that I got this morning. It states:

Good morning from Bangkok:

I had a meeting yesterday to discuss the unfolding atrocities being committed by the Myanmar government against the Karen people (40% Christian). More than 4000 Karen have crossed into Thailand in an attempt to flee the tightening noose of the Myanmar army. One camp now contains more than 800 children and pregnant mothers. The Myanmar government has given the Thai government until Tuesday, June 23rd, to send them back or else they will begin shelling the Thai refugee camps. In the past, the Thai government has bowed to the wishes of the Myanmar government. If they do so this time it could mean a blood bath for the Karen people.

Please pray!

Duane and Jeanne

I am also messing with the idea of starting a guitar/music blog where I can document my feeble attempts at getting better, as well as have discussions, forums, videos etc.

Please let me know if you think either of these things, (or perhaps both) would be worth the time. If you reading this, I probably directed you here, and I directed you here for your opinion. I love hearing what my friends and family think.

With Love,



Sylvia Fairfax said...

Hey AJ, This is Katie Bandas.. Don't be fooled by my alias.. haha Anyway, I think both of those are good ideas, particularly the first one! Also, it was good to see you during the CMT stuff and it's nice to hear that its only a matter of "when" you'll be back! I'm gonna subscribe to your blog so we can be blogging buddies! yay! cause pretty sure right now I read all of 2 blogs.. :/
k bye

Anonymous said...

You know I am not really up on world issues, I do know this, you are very capable of fulfilling any dream you desire. Whatever it is that draws you back to Nashville is what it is. Probably a combination of things. It boils down to whatever makes you happy.
Love Mom

Anonymous said...