Okay, I will post now...

Honestly, things have been so discombobulated I haven't even been able to put my thought into logical sentences.

Things are better now, though.

I got a new job at this upscale restaurant here in Green Hills called Nero's and it really fits well.

Still looking for a place to live but that will also come in time.

Since I have been here I realized a few things:

I love and miss my family (Autumn and Ryan included) just as much as I ever have. They are so important to me and I wouldn't trade a day with them. So, yes, it is hard to be away from them. However, what has changed is my attitude. I am more focused, more driven and most importantly more patient. God has done a work in me without me even knowing it. Spending time in California was for a reason and the reason becomes more clear everyday.

Once I get a place to live, I can't wait to hit the ground running with my music. I am currently working on a five song demo that we recorded drums for before I left. I am also writing new stuff everyday so keep your eyes open.

Below is a picture of my first Tennessee Titans game (Carter gave me tickets) and my first pro football game since I was like 11.

I love every person that reads this, thank you for your prayers and your love.